Julie Gross

"Drawing serves as an extension of my breath, setting up a kind of dance..."

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My recent paintings (2014-15 / oil on linen) contrast rhythmic color and form fields which are based on ‘sine waves’ or ‘s’ curves. As a result this work continues an engagement with images of flux vs. stasis (via either bifurcating or multip-ly segmenting the forms), as well as spatial and temporal perceptual play. I’m also interesting in the tension between the elusive and the concrete.

In terms of color: choice of hue family carries each form’s energy forward. Value, intensity and temperature enable optimal variety of color interaction and surprise. The flat, non-incidental surface gives each form (shape) full force as a carrier of that movement and spatial location. Of late, newer shapes have begun adding more weight and stasis against the linear momentum of the colored bands.


Drawing precedes painting in my art. Since 1998 I have been using compasses to choreograph a network of circular forms, originally based on a sine wave or 's' curve. These play with my interest in centrifugal/centripetal forces, in edges that set up tension as well as flow. Symmetry and other sets at times reference echo, reflection and establish pattern. As forms expand and contract, interconnect and vie for dominance, the drawing serves as an extension of my breath, setting up a kind of dance that pulsates across the surface. Circles remain or morph into other shapes until an overall web of 'bubble slices' exists.

In the paintings, these forms serve as vessels for color. The painted surface is precise and uninflected allowing spatial interaction to reveal itself simply and clearly, establishing a balance between surface tension and movement. I am compelled by the discreet relationships that emerge from the interplay of color and form, in a tense field where subject and ground continually alternate. I want the images to act as suspended, yet connected slices of light, breathing, tense and emergent.

Julie Gross: flux in sharp focus
by Stephen Maine

The work of New York-based Julie Gross has for some years been characterized by a network or matrix of interlocking circles and bulbous shapes derived from circles, notably a plump, animated teardrop shape. Drawing is the generative stage and point of departure for this remarkably consistent body of work; the artist develops a typically elegant, buoyant schematic with a compass on tracing paper, always square in format (and beautiful in their own right, known to those who have been privileged to visit her studio). These working drawings lead to color studies in gouache on paper, where the chromatic relationships are worked out. Her finished paintings, in oil on linen, reflect the careful planning in their sleek surfaces, unequivocal contours and pristine color, but nevertheless convey the excitement of decision-making, and the artist's delight in coming to grips with the infinitely complex range of possibility afforded by the discerning use of even a small number of individual hues. Gross' brand of geometric abstraction depicts flux, not stasis, and teems with an unruly, if superficially decorous, energy.

Interrelated shapes disport themselves laterally across these canvasses, their unmodulated color suggesting nothing of atmospheric perspective and its attendant illusion of spatial recession. As in a diagram showing the relative sizes of the planets, shifts in scale tug at but do little to defeat the extremely shallow space of the paintings, which is based on a paradigm of overlapping rather than enveloping. The abundant visual pleasure of the work owes much to the way color seeps into the crevices between shapes, these intervals becoming as freighted as the relationships between the larger masses. Central to the pictorial dynamic is an optical snap of positive/negative exchange, as in "Mercuree," where a central teardrop shape in a dense, orangey ochre seems to be pushing its way out from behind larger orbs of pale yellow and deep purple, only to be confronted with its counterparts in warm gray and pale aqua blue. A six-sided wine-dark void at the center of the hazy, herbaceous "O-zone" - an exquisite shape in itself - is qualified by a smaller, contiguous teardrop of the same color, which pulls the larger shape forward and gives it sudden substance.

If her accomplishment as a painter were limited to that of a designer of high-voltage visual poetry, that alone would set Gross apart from her peers. But her paintings carry the added heft of a psychological charge just beneath their well-honed surfaces. More than most paintings, each of these seems to be a closed system. The square format the artist favors implies no particular thrust or expansiveness of its own, but rather containment. Formal rigor cannot wholly veil a whimsical morphological narrative wherein the arcing, curling shapes, as if in a paradigm of human dealings, appear to be insinuating themselves into an established but mutable hierarchy. These colored shapes are also players, negotiating their status within their milieu, not locked in place but fluid, ambitious, always looking to improve their position, to cut a deal, to trade up.

STEPHEN MAINE is an artist and writer working in Brooklyn, New York. His criticism appears regularly in Art in America and The Art Book, and he comments on the Brooklyn scene in "Dateline Brooklyn" for artnet.com.

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BORN:  Montreal, Canada


Master of Arts.  Hunter College, NYC  major: Painting, minor: Art History
Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Pratt Institute, Brooklyn  major: Painting, minor: Graphics


2017 Kaller Fine Arts, Washington, D.C (two person exhibition with Tracey Adams)
2014 Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Larchmont, NY (two person exhibition with Margaret Neill)
  490 Atlantic Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (two person exhibition with Julian Jackson)
2008 e.o.artlab, Chester, CT
2007 Julie Mussafer-Jule's Place, Boston, MA
2003 Delaware Valley Arts Alliance Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY
2000 Kathryn Markel Gallery, NYC
1995 55 Mercer Street Gallery, NYC
1993 City University of NY, Kingsborough Community College (two person exhibition with Dina Ghen)
1987 Stephen Rosenberg Gallery, NYC
1985 Stephen Rosenberg Gallery, NYC
1979 Frank Marino Gallery, NYC
1976 State University of NY, Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY
1974 Warren Benedek Gallery, NYC


2016 "Sideshow Nation 4: Circle The Wagons", Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn NY
2015 "Wave Length", 4 Person Show, with Emily Berger, Kim Uchiyama, Joy Walker, @ Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  “Paperazzi 4", Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  “Sideshow Nation III", Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2014 "Space Squared", White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  Benefit Exhibtion, Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY (& 2013)
  "Sideshow Nation II", Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  "Paperazzi", Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2013 "In Honor of Woman’s History Month", Van Deb Editions, NYC
  “Drafted”, curated by Mary Judge, Schema Projects, Brooklyn, NY
  “Annual Group Show” Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2012 ‘Design Trust for Public Space’ Benefit, Ralph Pucci International Showroom, curators: Paola Antonelli, Maira Kalman & Murray Moss,NYC
  Circular Reasoning” Paris CONCRET, Paris, France
  Structural Madness (www.structuralmadness.com)
  “Little Languages/Coded Pictures”, curated by Teri Hackett, Kathryn Markel Gallery, NYC
  Benefit: ‘African Rainforest Initiative-Artists for Africa’ Prince George Ballroom, NYC
  Benefit: Momenta/Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
2012 (& 2011) Group Show, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2011 Group Show, Kathryn Markel Gallery, NYC
  Open Studio Group @ Mary Judge Studio, Bushwick - Brooklyn, NY
  Benefit Exhibtion, Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY
  "Synesthesia", e.o.artlab, Chester, CT
  "Work on Paper", Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (and in 2010)
2010 “"Holiday Group Show”", The Painting Center, NYC
  "Art in a Box" Benefit Show, Pelavin Fine Art, NYC
  "FRACK", Exit Art, NYC
  "Ucross Artists", Nicolaysen Museum, curated by Lisa Hatchadoorian, Casper, WY
  "Work on Paper", Big & Small Casual Gallery, curated by Kate Teale, Long Island City, NY
  "Degrees of Density", from Flatfiles-Kentler International Drawing Space curated by Marilyn Symmes, Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, AR
  "Shared Response", e.o. artlab, curated by John Schroeder, Chester, CT
  "Color-Time-Space", Hofstra Universlty, curated by Joanne Freeman & Kim Uchiyama; catalog, Hempstead, NY
  "Spectrum Squared", w/ Gary Peterson, Jennifer Koblyarz & Carla Aurich, at 'Bussaco', curated by Melanie Kozol, Brooklyn, NY
2009 "Degrees of Density", Kentler International Drawing Space, curated by Marilyn Symmes, Brooklyn, NY
  "Fully Saturated", Hampshire College, 3 person w/ Jim Osman & Scott Reeds, catalog essay by Melissa Benson, Amherst, MA
  "Geo-Metrics II", Gallery 128 Rivington St, NYC
  "Seid Show", Leslie Gerber-Seid space, NYC
2008 "Gifts From the Studio", Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Larchmont, NY
  Red Dot Art Fair/London, with Markel Fine Arts, NYC
  Red Dot Art Fair/Miami, with e.o. artlab, Chester, CTt
  "No Chromophobia", O.K.Harris Gallery, NYC
  "Spectrum", Metaphor Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, NY
  "It's Gouache & Gouache Only", Andrea Meislin Gallery, gathered by Geoffrey Young, NYC
  "Peace", Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2007 "Punchbowl", Metaphor Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, NY
  "Green is the New Black", Melanee Cooper Gallery, Chicago, IL
  "Crazy Beautiful", Kenise Barnes Gallery, Larchmont, NY
  "Awaken", Jule's Place/Julie Mussafer, Boston, MA
  "Luxe, Calme & Volupte", Marcia Wood Gallery, curated by Joanne Mattera, Atlanta, GA
  "Imagined Sites" Fashion Institute of Technology, curated & catalog essay by Lyle Rexer, NYC
2006 Off the Wall" Riverside Museum, Riverside, CA
  "Bridge Miami" with Melanee Cooper Gallery, Chicago, IL
  "Art in a Box" Cheryl Pelavin Gallery, NYC
  Fenn Gallery, (Three person with John Monti & Michele Katen), Woodbury, CT
  "Order(ed)", Siano Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
  "Color", Brik Gallery, curated by Jeanette Fintz, Catskill, NY
2005 "The Road So Far", Metaphor Contemporary Art, Brooklyn, NY
  Small Works, Bond Gallery,curated by Nancy Olivier, NYC
  "Smaller Is" Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angele, CA
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  "Structure", Delaware Center of Contemporary Art, curated by Kristen Heilman, Hirschhorn Museum, Wilmington, DE
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  Group Show, Soho Myriad, Atlanta, GA
  Benefit, Kentler International Drawing Space, (and in 2004), Brooklyn, NY
2004 "Color Theory", 5 Person Show, Kenise Barnes Gallery, Larchmont, NY
  "Seid Show", in coordination with Leslie Gerber-Seid, NYC
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2003 Holiday, Metaphor Gallery, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY
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1998 "Small Works", Parsons School of Design Gallery, NYC (and 1994,96), NYC
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1992 Group Show, Eastern Montana College, Billings, MT
  "Small Works", Parsons School of Design Gallery, NYC (and 1991)
1991 Group Show, Jessica Berwind Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1990 "Abstract Painting", Nahan Contemporary Gallery, curator: Robert C. Morgan, NYC,


2015 Interviews from Yale University Radio WYBCX, Julie Gross
2012 Work leased to CBRE/Riverfront, Cambridge, MA
2011 View work on websites: geoform.com; neoimages.com; artnet.com; markelfineart.com; artformedia.com; paintingcenter.com; artistsspace.com
  Work leased to Metropolitan Real Estate, NYC
2006 NBC Television, Work included in Series "Kidnapped"
  Sony Pictures, Work included in "Girls guide to Hunting & Fishing"
2005 Work leased to Falconhead Capitol, & Broadway Partners, NYC
  Neiman Marcus Print Ad: work reproduced; Dell Computer TV Ad, work included
2002 Xerox Corporation, Pytka Productions, work featured in spot
  Monday Night Mayhem, Turner Broadcasting, work included in TV movie
2000 ABC Television, "Madigan Men" work included in series
  Diane Keaton Productions, "Plan B" work included in film
  Studios USA Television, "Welcome to NY" work included in series
  NextMonet.com, work featured on Home Page


2007 Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Fellowship
2007 BAU Institute, Otranto Italy, Residency
2007, 1996 Sabbatatical Leave: The New School/Parsons School of Design
2007 National Academy Museum EA Abbey Mural Painting Grant
1996 Ucross Foundation Residency
1995, 89 The New School, Faculty Development Fund Grant
1992 MacDowell Colony Residency
1991 - 92 National Endowment for the Arts Grant, Painting
1992, 88, 75, 74, 69 Yaddo Foundation Residency
1986 Pollock/Krasner Foundation Grant
  Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic, Working Fellowship
1985 Millay Colony for the Arts Residency
1983 - 82 CAPS Fellowship in Painting
1980 Edward Albee Foundation Residency


1981-2013 Parsons School of Design, Part-Time Associate Teaching Professor, teach: Drawing Studio, taught: Two Dimensional Design; Painting
1989-2014 Fashion Institute of Technology, Instructor of Art, teach Color Workshop and Basic Design
1997 Visiting Instructor: Center for Advanced Design/CENfAD, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1996 Visiting Artist: Concordia University, Montreal
  Faculty Consultant: Kanazawa Art & Design Institute, Kanazawa, Japan
1995 Visiting Artist: Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT
  Faculty Consultant: Samsung Art & Design Institute, Seoul, Korea
1986/90, 75-81 Pratt/Manhattan, Visiting Assistant Professor, taught Painting 2 and 3 ; Light, Color & Design, Drawing, History of Communication & Design
1981 Visiting Artist, Rhode Island School of Design
1980 Visiting Artist & Lecturer, Lincoln Center Institute
1979 Visiting Artist, Syracuse University
1975 Kutztown State College, Visiting Instructor, taught Advanced Painting, Life Drawing 2


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American Telephone & Telegraph Corporation

Barnum & Company, Boston

Barry Benedek & Company, NYC

Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Broadway Partners, Inc

Bronson Fine Art, Los Angeles

Best Products, Richmond

Chait & Chasen, Prepare, Inc.

Chase Manhattan Bank, NYC

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Educational Institute, NYC

DC Embassy Row Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel, NYC

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Forest City, Cambridge, MASS

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Hillsborough Community College, Tampa


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Mocas Group, Los Angeles

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Sheraton Hotel, San Francisco

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